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Caffrey's Natural Stone - Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite Kitchen Worktops

A Granite Worktop is the ultimate finishing touch to your kitchen. Granite is an ideal choice for a ketches countertop, its timeless beauty and durability will add elegance and value to your home. A granite worktop is one of the most hard-wearing and hygenic surfaces you can have in your home. There are hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from in the granite range.

Caffrey's Natural Stone - Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz Kitchen Worktops

A Quartz Worktop will let you bring the best of both worlds - nature and technology - to your home. Quartz worktops are 93% natural quartz and are incredibly durable and hygenic, and resistant to heat, scratching and staining. Quartz worktops offer you iniformity in colour, pattern and texture.

Marble Kitchen WorktopsCaffrey's Natural Stone - Marble Kitchen Worktops

Because of the wide variation in colour and design characteristics marble is the ultimate option if you are looking for style, luxury and sophistication, bringing added value and elegance to you home. Marble is by its nature not as hard-wearing as granite or quartz, therefore it is susceptible to scratching and staining, it is mainly used in bathrooms and flooring but because of its beauty and style it is being used in many kitchen worktops now. If you are choosing marble for your worktop please be aware that it needs extreme tender loving care to maintain its good looks and beauty.

Caffrey's Natural Stone - Edging Details

Edging Details

Caffrey's Stone can enhance the beauty of your Quartz, Granite or Marble worktops with an Edge Profile. We offer a wide range of profiles.