Care Advice

Care & Maintenance Instructions

  • The special sealing process applied during manufacture will take four weeks to fully cure from date of installation.
  • During this initial period “extra care” should be taken to ensure all spills are wiped up immediately. After this period the impregnator will have fully cured giving the work surface maximum protection. Do not place hot pots and pans directly onto your work surface as this can cause fractures and discolouration due to extreme temperatures.
  • An appropriate stand or trivet should be used to protect the surface from damage. Whilst all worktops are pre-sealed they are not “self cleaning.” For hygiene and maintenance all spills need to be wiped up as soon as practicably possible.
  • Spills should be left for no longer than a 24-hour period to avoid penetration. Certain liquids can start to penetrate the surface after this period of time resulting in staining.
  • For best results regularly clean the surface .We recommend to reseal worktops at least once per year. Sealer can be bought from hard ware stores or stone fabricating companies.
  • Stone is not indestructible, due care and attention is needed to maintain the natural beauty of your work tops . Stone can be burned , scratched , stained or chipped if not properly looked after .