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Natural Stone: Applications And Benefits

Stone is formed by Mother Nature over millions of years and remains mankind's oldest, most durable building material.

There are thousands of types of stone that have been quarried through the centuries. Quarries are located all around the world. A majority of natural stone comes from Italy, Spain, Turkey, United States, Mexico, China, Taiwan, India, Greece, Canada, France, and Brazil.

Natural Stone has always been and still remains a very popular building material amongst architects, builders and decorators. It has some very important benefits over others:

It is natural.

Natural materials improve the quality of life and are growing in demand for many applications.

It is unique.

Each and every stone has its own texture and color, ensuring a special look for your project. Using natural stone for the interior or exterior of a building or a landscape elevates the design from functional to a work of art.

It is strong and durable.

Natural stone withstands the passage of time and provides a legacy for future generations, as the pyramids in Egypt (granite) or the Acropolis in Athens (marble) show. It is difficult to scratch burn or stain it and it resists in losing its shape, colour or texture.

It requires low maintenance.

Indeed a very few simple and easy actions will make your natural stone project last virtually for ever.

It is beautiful and genuine.

The natural beauty and character of stone cannot be duplicated by any other material.

The choice is huge.

There are many types of natural stone coming in a wide range of colours and finishes making its applications really unlimited. Such is the versatility of stone you can find a type, colour and finish that will work in harmony with any material used in traditional and modern designs.

It is hygienic.

Especially in the kitchen and bathroom environment, natural stone’s excellent hygienic attributes make it a valuable material.

It is now more affordable than ever.

What was once a product only enjoyed by wealthy owners is now becoming increasingly popular.